Acting is an art form in which an actor or actress adopts a character. Actors are in great demand across several mediums, including television, film, radio, theatre, or OTT platforms. In acting profession a person requires a  wide range of skills, well-developed imagination power, physical expressivity, characterisation as per script demand, clarity of speech, emotional facility.

Benefits of Learn Acting at Tirupati Entertainment

In order to harness these skills and quality one needs to undego an expert guidance to overcome these emotional traits and gain confidence to find a peak in the acting industry who have no prior experience or knowledge.

Expert guidance and learning from our professional photographers

Learn techniques & tricks to take and edit photos for the effect you want

Enhancing your creative talent to produce photography to bring your own creativity alive.

Varied and exciting lessons to gain knowledge

Showcase your work in our photography exhibition at the end of the session

Small class sizes and individually guidance from faculties

3 months of course duration

At, Tirupati Entertainment you will find the best faculties to enhance your acting career

The training is designed to help each student progress from a basic level to an advanced stage.

Throughout the programme students will also interact with professionals from the media and entertainment industry including actors, directors, photographers, casting directors etc.