DIRECTION is a mean of storytelling through visualisation.

The most important part of film making is direction which requires greater talent and skills with a blend of passion and patience.

Benefits of Learn Acting at Tirupati Entertainment

A director is a captain of the ship and he takes the charge of the entire script to mould it to a visual tale.

Expert guidance and learning from our professional photographers

Learn techniques & tricks to take and edit photos for the effect you want

Enhancing your creative talent to produce photography to bring your own creativity alive.

Varied and exciting lessons to gain knowledge

Showcase your work in our photography exhibition at the end of the session

Small class sizes and individually guidance from faculties

3 months of course duration

Here at Tirupati Entertainment we shape and craft your entire skills to be an efficient director and create a mark in the entertainment industry.

He should have a complete sense of screenwriting, acting , cinematography, editing, sound recording and design procedures of film making.

When a director’s sheer excellence meets with a script nothing less than a mind blowing film is created.